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Normally this bath is taken in a pool. Water is cooled and maintained at constant temperature by a system of gas tubes. It can also be performed in any bathtub or mini pool pouring ice to the water. This method has the complication of having to keep adding ice to maintain the suitable temperature. Water temperature should be kept constant between 7 and 14 degrees.

You can also take a cold shower, applying in areas where needed. To facilitate its circulatory action in legs, apply it slowly in a rising lineal way, especially in the rear part, making several passes.

Reaction on the body is triple: nervous reaction, circulatory reaction, and thermal reaction, being this last one more intense as cooler is the water.

Immersion in cold water immediately after exercise causes a beneficial effect on sporting performance and it reduces recovery time.

Combined with the Swedish sauna or hot baths, it exerts a contraction-relaxation effect at a general level that is ideal for relaxing the muscles and release tension.

It is vasoconstrictor, and promotes venous circulation. It helps as adjunctive therapy to problems of varicose veins and fluid retention.

It stimulates metabolism, immunologic system and it is energizing.

In local application, it helps to reduce inflammation and edemas. It is highly recommended in the adjunctive treatment of sprains and traumatic edema. For chronic conditions, it is desirable to combine it with contrast baths during at least five minutes, alternating every ten to fifteen seconds the cold water bath with the hot water one.



It is not advisable to take it at night, or if you have insomnia due to its energizing effect. In those cases is better to take a shower or bath of warm or hot water.

Caution in arthritis and rheumatism patients.