Acroyoga fuerteventura las playitas


Acroyoga has gained popularity in recent times, although it is still a relatively unknown discipline. An Acroyoga session will generally proceed as follows:

First, a warm-up of 15 to 20 minutes where it is intended to get mind and body ready for the following practice so injuries can be prevented. The “flyers” will have to focus on the “asanas” that engage primarily the upper body (such as “down head dog”, “lateral and front planks” and “inversions”) and the “bases” on the contrary will need to insist on the “asanas” which prioritise the work of the lower body (such as “warrior”, “the chair” and “extended triangle”).

The practice of Acroyoga will then start. As it is a very integral discipline, it is commonly split in two main roots, as it happens with yoga:

  • Solar Acroyoga: It is active and dynamic. Its practice improves concentration, listening, self-trust and partnership in a playful way. In a solar Acroyoga session the “base” and the “flyer” will progress through communication and coordination until they are able to perform static yoga postures in the air, which afterwards may be linked so that ciclic and fluid movements or “washingmachines” can be done. From a therapeutic point of view, the individual works on strength, balance, flexibility, proprioception, and the inter and intramuscular activation and coordination of the stabiliser muscles from numerous regions of the body, as the awareness of the sense of position of their own body grows.
  • Lunar Acroyoga and healing arts: This root is more subtle and paused. It promotes the increase of flexibility, relaxation, cool-down, stress-release and “let go”. In a lunar Acroyoga session, the “base” will perform several stretching postures on the “flyer” in the air. When this sequence ends the “flyer” will be the one who gives a Thai massage to the “base” on the ground. From a therapeutic point of view, an appropriate breathing pattern is learnt, restrictions and body unbalances ares corrected, the muscle tone is brought to its normal state and the mind is filled with peacefulness and harmony which is reflected in the general state of both participants.

Finally, a few minutes at the end of the session should be given for a consciously carried out cool-down. If a solar Acroyoga was performed, this last part will be even more important. “Asanas” such as “cobbler pose”, “child’s pose”, the “corpse pose”, “lotus position” will help decrease our heart rate, soothe our muscle tone and relax.